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Back To School With The Best Skin

We all want to start off the school year on the right foot, and having an upgraded back-to-school skincare routine is a great way to do that! You want to make sure you’re focused on your studies and not on your skin issues, so we’ve got the guide for how to get your best skin ever as you go back to school.

Get Committed

It can be easy to forget to do the basics before going to bed when your life is busy with studies, but it’s important to make it a priority to move all your makeup and thoroughly wash your face before bed. If you tend to fall into bed after a party or pull all-nighters to study, it might be a good idea to set your skincare products in a highly visible location instead of shoving them in a drawer or caddy far away from your bed. Cleaning your face after a long day not only allows your skin to recover but also helps you prepare mentally for what the next day will bring!

Don’t Compartmentalize  

Don’t just think about your skin as something you need to focus on at night. Think about what’s going on with your skin during the day as well. Autumn air can dry out your skin early, so moisturizing once in the morning or before bed might not be enough to keep your skin hydrated. One of the best fall beauty tips is to use one a good hydrating spray this season to keep your skin glowing all day.

Be Scientific

There are loads of new advancements in skincare, and if your routine hasn’t changed at all in the past year, have a look to see what the latest treatments are for your skin conditions! Whether you have issues such as breakouts, scars, or signs of aging, there are loads of new developments out there such as:

·        More natural formulas

·        Different active ingredients

·        Fewer fillers

·        Faster results

Certain products such as hyaluronic acid and squalane oil are for sale and can take your skincare routine to a whole new level.

We want to make sure you don’t have to stress about your skin, which is why you should check out our website to see the best skin treatment for you. Focus on school, not on your skin!

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The Perfect Skin Product After Sunny Summer

We know that it’s always hard to say goodbye to summer, but there’s one positive: your skin will be relieved to have a break from the endless heat and damaging UV rays. Summer weather can do a lot of damage to our skin, but fortunately we have a great way to repair your skin: introducing vitamin B5 (also known as pantothenic acid) into your skincare routine! Here are the top three reasons vitamin B5 for skin is the perfect product to use after a summer in the sun.

1.     Moisturize

A common misconception is that since summer is more humid than other months, that means our skin is more hydrated than it is during the dry, winter months. In reality, given how hot summers get your skin is even more likely to be dehydrated, as we sweat through our pores due to the heat. A good way of seeing if your skin is dehydrated is to gently feel the skin with your fingers. If your skin feels papery, scaly, or just appears more wrinkly than normal, that’s a good sign your skin is dehydrated. B vitamins (including vitamin B5) help the skin retain moisture so it stays hydrated, smooth and healthy.

2.     Rebuild

We all know how destructive UV rays can be on the skin, and how it can damage our skin and cause premature aging. But apart from rigorously applying sunblock, it’s hard to completely prevent exposure when we’re spending so many hours outside. Luckily, some of the best face serums out there include vitamin B5 and can help repair damage the sun has done to your skin during the summer. With regular use, vitamin B5 can help the skin to regenerate itself after prolonged sun damage.

3.     Protect

Not only can vitamin B5 help repair your skin after sun damage, it even strengthens the skin barrier itself. This barrier protects the skin from bacteria that lead to inflammation and acne, and gives your skin a healthy glow. With winter approaching, it is the perfect time to repair and strengthen your skin. Check out and see our vitamin B5 serum for sale and incorporate it into your daily skincare routine to maximize skin hydration! This will help keep your face as gorgeous as possible.

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Why Eye Creams Are A Necessity For Students This Fall

If you’re a student, you might be preoccupied with acne treatments and ways to lessen scars that you might forget about another important aspect of skin care- eye creams. Using an eye hydration cream is a simple treatment that can make a huge difference in your daily skincare routine, and we have the top three reasons why eye cream is a necessity for you this fall!

1.     Improve your appearance- even in the morning!

We know that students can get run down from late nights studying and keeping odd hours. So if you’re prone to waking up in the morning and feeling rundown, adding an eye cream to your daily skin care routine can help to keep you looking fresh in the mornings. Just having a simple and quick routine of doing a quick facial cleanse and then applying hydration cream can have a huge impact on those dark circles we all hate. Eye cream helps reduce puffiness and keep the skin young, fresh, and healthy.

2.     Do Something Good For Your Skin

When you’re a student, it’s hard to remember to drink enough water, sleep eight hours a night, and eat healthy. A hydrating eye cream takes less than 30 seconds to apply, and using it twice a day is a wonderful treatment for your skin to help it stay healthy. Not only will your skin be more hydrated, it is a soothing treatment and is a great way to relax during the day.

3.     Start Taking Care of Your Skin Now

If you’ve been frustrated by crow’s feet and dry, cracked skin, a hydrating eye cream can help to make your skin healthier and more nourished. And since smooth, hydrated skin doesn’t wrinkle as quickly as dry skin, a hydrating eye cream can act as a preventative measure against aging. Starting it while you’re still young will lead to great results later on.

Grab the Right Eye Cream Now

If these three reasons have convinced you it’s time to pick up some eye cream along with your other back-to-school essentials, check out our website! We’ve got all the products to help you get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles to help you start living your best life.

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Best 5 Skin Care Tricks and Tips For Men

A lot of modern marketers are clueless about how men take care of their skin. The truth is skin care is highly essential for men irrespective of location. It is the agelong secret for dealing with the consequences of aging on the skin of different forms. It also boosts their confidence and morale. Are you searching for means to take your skincare endeavor to the next level? Here are five excellent tips for incorporating into your daily routine.

1. Utilize a Good Cleanser

This is a secret that makes your skin, not only fresh but vibrant. Using a good cleanser keeps your pores clear and removes every grit and grime. When you use it every night, your face is stripped of every unnecessary oil at the end of each day.

2. Use Nourishing Serums

The usage of serums is most times downplayed when referencing essential skin care tips. Notwithstanding, some products like DermaC+ Anto-Aging Serum is manufactured to even the skin, and also build collagen naturally.

3. Invest in shaving

A lot of men have issues with a roughness that accompanies shaving. The solution is to invest in a good razor and an effective aftershave lotion to ensure you have a smooth experience while shaving.

4. Utilize sunscreen

Make it a habit to use sunscreen while leaving the house, even if it a weak one. This reduces the harmful impact of UV rays and enhances your skin health while you work.

5. Moisturize

It is advisable to moisturize by making use of an effective product designed to care and smooth your skin. A good recommendation is the combination of vitamin c+ e ferulic acid serum. It works perfectly for any surface.

Applying these tips will ensure your skin remains as soft, healthy, and young as possible in years to come. What are you waiting for? Speak with an expert on this topic and access expert opinion on a few products.

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See Why Vitamin C Is So Vitally Important To Your Skin’s Health

It’s unfair to view beautiful people with flawless skin as our inspiration is to be like them. Celebrities, models and wealthy people have money to pay for beauty – whether that means Botox, facelifts, or expensive skin care products that promise to turn back the clock 10 years. Great skin care doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and in fact the secret to getting unbelievable skin isn’t some obscure ingredient that you’ve never heard of or can’t pronounce – it’s vitamin C. When used well, vitamin C can have a dramatic, positive impact on your skin, and we outline how below.

Make Your Skin Glow

We aren’t talking about making your skin glow in the dark, we are talking about that healthy look to the skin when it appears refreshed and healthy. You may look at your face in the mirror and think that it looks so dull and boring and wish there was something you could do cost-effectively to remedy the issue. Your skin needs a lift from vitamin C and thanks to a quality product such as DermaC+ Anti-Aging Serum which has a healthy amount of vitamin C in it, your skin can go from dull to sharp in a short period of time.

Firm It Up

Vitamin C is a key component towards increasing collagen production – helping to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and also to firm up the skin so it doesn’t hang low and sag. You want tight skin that doesn’t give into the law of gravity, and by using a vitamin C serum you can get smoother skin that stays upright – where it’s supposed to be.

Keep it Flat

Under-eye bags and circles make us look tired and appear older than we actually are. Red patches, puffiness, and other inflammation don’t do us any favors either, and often beauty products don’t communicate how they can help with these issues – because many don’t offer any benefit. Vitamin C serum is what you need to deal with challenges such as these as it relaxes the skin to flatten it out and alleviate the red patches to return to normal skin color.

Soothe Sunburns

We do our best to prevent sunburns from happening but they inevitably still happen from time to time, even when using sunscreen responsibly. Sunburns not only hurt the skin from a pain perspective but also make it red and look unhealthy. Vitamin C works its magic by accelerating cell turnover to take away the redness as quickly as possible, and the damaged cells are replaced with healthy new ones.

Combat Against Sun Damage

Skin that gets damaged by the sun can take on all kinds of different forms and is both on the surface level and underneath as well. Vitamin C protects all of the healthy skin cells so that they can maintain their integrity even when attacked by harmful UV rays that seek to do as much harm as possible.

Go Away Dark Spots

Dark spots can pop up from time to time on your face and elsewhere for various reasons, leaving your skin looking patchy and unhealthy. By using a vitamin C serum you can reduce the amount of melanin production that takes place – helping to reduce the dark spot aesthetic look and even fade them completely to reveal your skin’s natural color.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Maintaining your skin’s hydration becomes a more challenging endeavor as you age, but with the help from vitamin C, your skin can retain more moisture to keep it looking lush and healthy. Make the most out of the water you consume by using products that contain vitamin C – their magnesium ascorbyl phosphate property adds to and maintains the hydration your skin needs to look its best.

Using Vitamin C Serum

You may be thinking that vitamin C sounds like a miracle working solution, one that your skin needs but you worry about how well your skin can accommodate it. Vitamin C is very safe to use twice daily for all types of skin and issues, and positive anti-aging results are enjoyed over time. It should be noted that minor irritation can come as a result of long-term vitamin C use, in which case your doctor or dermatologist should be consulted for recommended future use.

We have several serum products that have vitamin C at their core, with the goal of returning skin to its natural glory years before aging was a significant factor.